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Dealer Mobile Leads was created with one goal in mind: to provide every Auto Dealer, large or small, with a complete in-house text lead generation solution.

Our robust, one-of-a-kind web-based software allows auto dealers to generate text leads on specific vehicles in their inventory.

When it comes to your dealership’s marketing strategy, nothing matters until you sell a car. We know that. The Dealer Mobile Leads software is designed to help you get more text leads so you can sell more cars.

Incorporating our text lead strategy in your marketing plan will set your dealership up for what the future holds. Dealer Mobile Leads Text Lead Generation Products and Services will be your “game changer” right out of the box!

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Why Your Dealership Needs A Text Lead Strategy:

1. If you’re on a level playing field with your competitors, texting gives you the edge.
In order to stand out from the competition, you have to offer customers something that differentiates you. You need something that says to customers, "I want to make it easy for you to get information about new and used car sales! Then, we can communicate with your preferred method, text."

Compare who you text to everyone you email. Which one do you use for those close to you? Apply that same principle for your customers. Provide the ease of texting information they want on a specific vehicle, setting the appointment, and selling a car with Dealer Mobile Leads Generation Software!

2. Car dealers need to satisfy today’s experience-seeking customer.
Customers are looking for a frictionless auto purchasing experience. Dealers build brand loyalty today not by providing the best product, but by offering the best experience. Offer your customer a better experience than your competitor, and they buy from you.

Texting is the most efficient way to give your customers the experience they demand. Nobody has to worry about waiting on hold, or wonder if an email was received. Texting is quick and convenient – just what car shoppers want.

3. People answer texts far more than phone calls or emails.
8 trillion texts were sent last year! 95% of those were read within 3 minutes. But only 24% of phone calls to car dealerships were answered without being placed on hold, and only ~40% of emails were ever opened at all! Up to 50% of sales go to the car dealer who responds first.

With Dealer Mobile Leads, you can reach customers quickly and efficiently, creating more opportunity to close deals. Start using our lead generation software today!

4. Your competitors may already be using it.
Remember point 1 was that text lead generation may give your dealership the competitive edge if you’re on a level playing field. That also means it could give your competitors the edge if you don’t! One of the most detrimental things dealership can do is waiting too long to do something you know you need to do.

5. Mobile viewers make up most of your website hits.
60% of all web traffic takes place on a mobile device. That’s why Google unleashed “Mobilegeddon” in April 2015. Essentially, they updated their search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly and mobile-optimized websites.

Over half of your customers are already on their smartphones when they decide they want to contact you, visit your dealership, or buy a car from you. Can they get information about a vehicle at the touch of a button?

You can give them this option with Dealer Mobile Leads. Start now!

6. Minimize barriers to entry by offering a Quote by Text.
Most people know that when you view a website from a smartphone, you can click on a displayed phone number and it will start a call to that dealership, but most opt out of this option because it may not be convenient.

What if they could click a button ("Get Quote By Text") on the exact car they want and get a text quote simply and quickly? You have one of the hottest leads ever to hit your CRMs!

How powerful would it be if all your mobile and website viewers could get a quote by text from your dealership directly from your website, from any device? Start using Dealer Mobile Leads today and see your sales soar!

7.Texting gives both parties flexibility to answer on their own time.
Car dealerships mostly have the same 9am-9pm operating hours. So what about your car shoppers' work day? They’re busy working when you’re open, which means communication with the dealership is limited. By the time they have a moment to call you to get information, your dealership is closed.

If a car shopper sees your ad on TV, online, or in a Newspaper, they're much more likely to pick up their cell phone and text you rather than call if the option is presented.

8. Millennials are becoming the bulk of your customer base.
Millennials are the fastest growing car buying demographic in your market. They also text more than any other generation before them. It’s how they prefer to communicate. Texting with them will lead to car deals, so start using Dealer Mobile Leads today and start reaching more customers!

We Respect You And Your Customers

Dealer Mobile Leads has taken the necessary steps to ensure that all messages follow the Mobile Messaging Association and Carrier "Best Practices & Guidelines" for mobile campaigns.

Every message includes a carrier compliant footer which tells the end user that they can easily opt out by replying STOP, and that "message & data rates may apply."

Our system automatically processes all STOP requests and ensures that people are opted out and do not receive future messages.

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