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Get more active buyer and automotive sales leads directly from your inventory!

Automotive Sales Leads

Consumers prefer texting over any other form of communication.

Customers today are looking for a frictionless car purchasing experience! Are you doing everything possible to provide the experience they want? We're the only company providing easy-to-use texting software for car sales, and we want to help you make your sales soar!


Increase Profitability & Raise Your CSI

Consumers today want information fast and it can’t get any faster than offering a text quote right to their mobile device. Whatever your online pricing strategy is, we can deliver it right to your customer's smartphone. They get what they want, you get the hottest leads entering your CRM.

Turn your Inventory Photos Into Text Lead Generating Machines

Maximize ROI on 3rd party sites like Autotrader, and Creates a frictionless information gathering process for your online customers.


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13 Texting FACTS Auto Dealers Need to Know:

  1. 97% of American adults text weekly.
  2. Americans text twice as much as they call, on average.
  3. About 50% of adults 18-24 say text conversations as just as meaningful as a phone call.
  4. Texts have a 99% open rate.
  5. Adults under 45 send and receive 85+ texts every day, on average.
  6. 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent.
  7. The average adult spends 23 hours a week texting.
  8. 91% of people who text prefer it over voicemail.
  9. 33% of American adults prefer texts to all other forms of communication.
  10. 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business.
  11. Texting in the sales process with a qualified lead can increase conversions over 100%.
  12. 90% of leads prefer to be texted, compared to called.
  13. Response rates from text are 209% higher than those from phone calls.


“If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a future strategy.”
Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google

Is your dealership doing everything it can to harness the power of mobile?

Our one-of-a-kind mobile leads software is a dynamic text lead generating platform that enables you to communicate with car shoppers first and more effectively than ever before.

Dealer Mobile Leads provides a frictionless dialog with your customers, via text. Our robust web-based software allows auto dealers to generate text leads on specific vehicles in your inventory from your home site as well as third-party sites across the World Wide Web.

Today’s Consumers have become:


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