13 SHOCKING stats Auto Dealers Need to Know:

13 SHOCKING stats Auto Dealers Need to Know:

  1. 97% of American adults text weekly.
  2. Americans text twice as much as they call, on average.
  3. About 50% of adults 18-24 say text conversations as just as meaningful as a phone call.
  4. Texts have a 99% open rate.
  5. Adults under 45 send and receive 85+ texts every day, on average.
  6. 95% of texts will be read within 3 minutes of being sent.
  7. The average adult spends 23 hours a week texting.
  8. 91% of people who text prefer it over voicemail.
  9. 33% of American adults prefer texts to all other forms of communication.
  10. 78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business.
  11. Texting in the sales process with a qualified lead can increase conversions over 100%.
  12. 90% of leads prefer to be texted, compared to called.
  13. Response rates from text are 209% higher than those from phone calls.

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