Car Sales Leads

Dealer Mobile Leads has car sales leads that every auto dealership needs. When it comes to selling cars, you need to be ready when you’re customers are. And that means making it easy for buyers to easily and quickly get the information they need to make a buying decision. The time it takes for a dealership to respond is the difference between a sale and no sale.

New Car Sales Leads

Getting new car sales leads is an incredibly competitive business where every second count. But while more car buyers are starting their car sales journey online, many auto dealers are still stuck in the analog gear waiting for buyers to visit the showroom or call on the phone.

Our revolutionary car sales leads software is a game-changer. It will put auto dealers in the digital driver's seat, shifting sales into high gear. It's a relatively simple, yet highly effective concept that will generate virtually unlimited text leads for your dealership. When prospective car buyers visit your website from their mobile device, they will be prompted to receive desired vehicle information texted directly to their mobile device. The auto dealership gets a new warm lead, and the customer has the information about the cars for sale they want to see without having to leave their home or pick up the phone. The dealership can continue to warm up the prospect with additional text messages to help push the sale along.

Mobile Phone Leads

Dealer Mobile follows best practices and guidelines when generating mobile phone leads through mobile messaging. And mobile users can opt-out to stop receiving text messages at any time. The dealership can also use opt-outs as a way to adjust their marketing messages to improve future results.

Drive Your Car Sales into the Future

Why wait for buyers to call or walk into your dealership when you can be on their mobile phone screen when they are looking to buy a car? Drive your car sales into the future and generate a seemingly endless supply of car sales leads. Your sales teams will be happier and more productive when they have leads from hot prospects when they are ready to buy a new car.


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